it seems fall is back. after the last few days of snotober, it’s good, odd, confusing, even a little eerie to have sweater weather back. let me make a list of things about snotober:

1. i got to wear turtlenecks and wool socks. this is my second favorite outfit. my favorite outfit is when you can wear shorts and a long sleeve top because it’s a summer night.
2. we used our fireplace for the first time this semester and made s’mores. i love wellesley.
3. one a.m. snow streaking. enough said.
4. there are two huge snowmen still standing in the middle of wellesley, even though all the snow around them have melted, so they are standing on a field of green grass and orange leaves. it is a sight to behold.

but today as i woke up and thought about how i’m so confused about what kind of jacket to wear…. i was missing my latest trip to nyc a couple weeks ago. not only was it a glorious time with old friends like GK, KJ, and LQ, but also the weather was a perfect 80 degrees that weekend. i went to the nyc ballet (ahhhhhhhh), had scones in an alice in wonderland themed tea shop, watched the lizzie mcguire movie until 4 am, flea marketed in chelsea, had delicious meals in the village, and picnic-ed in central park. all of this reminiscing left me with a craving for apple cider, which i enjoyed a couple times over the weekend, as such:

hence, this post is inspired & dedicated to the beautiful LQ who shares my taste in rings, thrift stores, choreography, disney movies, and hot delicious drinks, and who i think would really appreciate the chai in my apple cider. and so on and so forth ;)

ayurvedic chai mate apple cider:

start by collecting apples of different varieties. you can pick and choose your favorites! i used about 10 apples, and had enough cider in the end to take to a meeting of about eight people. you don’t need to peel them, just core them and cut them into quarters. throw into a pot and cover with water, and boil them until they are soft enough to dent with your finger. (careful, hot!)

transfer the softened apple slices into your blender or food processor, and give them a go go until it looks like apple sauce. when this is through, take a (clean!) t-shirt that you are willing to get rid of, and squeeeeeeeeze the apple mush over a large bowl. this is the part of the process that takes a little patience, but it was very therapeutic for me. got any stress about midterms? you can take it out on your apples, and end up with some delish cider. works for me!

***note: you should probably wait/cool your apple mush before squeezing it. i was working on a deadline (aka wanted to take the cider to a veritas forum meeting i was going to) and so i was rushing, and ended up with slight burn blisters all over my hands. heh. the things i do for food….

once you’ve gone through this with all of your apples, you should have some delicious apple juice - this is the part where we spice it up. i used grated nutmeg, a little salt, grated cinnamon, and also i’m going to use some cinnamon sticks, but not just yet. once those spices are in, keep your juice to the side and let’s focus on the tea now. try not to drink all of it yet.

you might have your own favorite brand or type of chai tea. i used teavana’s white ayurvedic chai, which is an out-of-this-world mix of cinnamon, coconut, pineapple, ginger, cardamom and cloves. one of my top 5 favorite scents in the world i think. which… is saying something because i love smells. as you probably have noticed by now, i always comment on how the things i make smell :) anyways, this is a loose tea, so i steeped in hot water for five minutes, with those cinnamon sticks that i mentioned. then i simply poured an equal amount of this tea into my apple cider. 

it.was.heavenly. please please please try this. even if you don’t have time or you’re not weird enough to be a college student who makes apple cider, just buy some cider and this tea and try it together. it is an aromatic blend of tart apple and deeply spicy cinnamon. notice that i didn’t even use any sugar, so this can’t be bad for you! ;) of course, you could always sweeten your drink a little bit with some brown sugar or honey if you so please!

chai apple cider. great for autumn walks, picnics, movie nights, sitting under the stars, and definitely my favorite study companion. wish you were here, LQ.

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