So. I’m still alive!

I report this fact because maybe you thought otherwise, seeing as how I haven’t updated since Thanksgiving (!). Of last year. So I confess that I’ve been existing and breathing, and even baking and cooking, I just haven’t been updating here. :/ We all knew I am not the best at routines, right? So forgive me and have grace with me for disappearing.

In order to win you back, I’m making a return with a post about the most decadent dessert you could make. This baklava is perfect for:

  • Impressing that sister-in-law who totally intimidates you.
  • Apologizing for always forgetting to respond to someone’s emails.
  • When the queen comes to visit.
  • Melting the hearts of villains like the Grinch or Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda.
  • Convincing your parents to let you spend your whole summer surfing in Hawaii. Maybe even get them to pay for it?
  • Those days when you want to wallow in bed and eat 4000 calories (per meal)

Why? Because whoever gets to try this baklava will experience something like this: First, the smell of floral and natural honey. Then, the sound of literally dozens and dozens of layers of tissue-thin pastry, crunching and melting immediately. The full flavor of walnuts and oven-baked pastry. A happy dance.

Greek honey baklava:

You’ll need honey, walnuts, a couple cups of butter, a pastry brush, patience, phyllo dough sheets, and a towel to cover your unused dough.

Start by creating a sort of assembly line to be ready. You want your baking pan, your butter (melted) with your pastry brush, your bowl of walnuts (crushed via food processor or the way i did it, which was putting them in ziploc bags and taking out my stress on them), and your lightly thawed phyllo sheets with a towel over them.

The basic idea is to lay down a sheet of paper thin phyllo dough, then brush it with butter, then sprinkle a layer of crushed nuts. Over and over again. Probably about 50 times. I’m not being too specific, because making baklava is your own process of creativity and maybe even family tradition! When I made this, I was basically just following the directions of my dear friendCW’s grandma and mom. They make this every Christmas (: Trust me, you might be scared to work with the phyllo dough because it pretty thin, but however YOU do it will be your own perfect baklava!

Bake at 350 for about a half hour, then your sheets should be puffy and golden brown. Use a knife to cut slices in a pretty pattern! In a saucepan, simmer togetherhoney and cinnamon and a little water, and then pour that magical syrup over the whole thing. Let cool, and then be ready to die to the heaven that is baklava (:

Enjoy and I promise I’ll be back soon (: I have a lot of recipes to share this month!

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